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There are so many different reasons why we seek time away from our normal day-to-day lives. For rest and relaxation, for excitement and adventure, or simply a curiosity about new places…. just to name a few.  For me personally, the most important element of a successful trip is the amount of time spent in amazement.  I love to be amazed and there are still plenty of places I can go to fulfill that need.  My upcoming trip to North Carolina will be no exception. Only an hour from the East Coast I will of course spend the day on the beach enjoying the Atlantic Ocean, plus everywhere you look in that part of the country are historical wonders. I won't sit down for a minute! And on my drive back I will stop all over if I feel I must. That's just the way it is when you travel with me. It's not without it's challenges to be sure, but you would never be able to say you didn't have the time of your life that's for sure!  And, that's what memories are made of peeps.

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