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Bringing women together is always a good thing in and of itself.  But if you take a group of women who are desperately needing a break away from the everydayness of everyday, and are just itching to nurture their creative instincts…. and then throw in a fabulous weekend retreat in a large rented cabin with a roaring fire, and a ginormous Jacuzzi tub and of course lots and lots of alcohol, (lots) ….. well, some amazing things can happen!

  • creative sparks start to fly
  • seeds are planted
  • ideas unfold
  • new relationships are formed
  • secrets are shared in a safe place
  • there is an opportunity to breathe deeply and soak in the surroundings
  • nature can be explored and photographed in great detail

I feel incredibly blessed to have some good friends, and I was thinking that we should all take a weekend and just get away. Do all of the above. And not just once either. I think we should make this a twice a year ritual. It's good for the soul don't you think? When you are surrounded by woman like this, each of whom have something unique and beautiful to contribute,  well, when that happens, something magical occurs and you end up with a result that is far more than the sum of the parts. Yes, I really need to look into this further.

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