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:: Fall equinox ::

The autumn equinox was Wednesday.  Today, is the Harvest Moon.  Here in Illinois, we can expect to experience our first frost around this time, and we're seeing more signs of fall by the day.  There are a hundred reasons this change in seasons is a completely overwhelming & hectic time for me. Besides keeping up with the everyday stuff, I'm all over the place enjoying every single glimpse of autumn I can find and photograph. I don't want to miss one single thing. There are so many. almost started listing them just now.  
But instead, I'm going to share the things I love about this time of year.   

I love transitioning from flip-flops to my favorite boots. Warm socks, scarves & sweaters. 

Once the crisp air arrives, blue jeans and my hoodies are an everyday sight. My kitchen is overflowing with my garden goodies. I am canning and freezing and using them up just as fast as I can, The nights are cool and perfect for outdoor fireside gatherings with friends and neighbors, and watching high school football games played by the same little boys who used to run through my yard playing games and climbing all the trees {just when did they grow up?} Hunting season is beginning now as well. As for me, I am content with just hunting for mushrooms.

It's time to pick apples and pears at the orchard and make some delicious goodies out of them. My personal favorite is hot apple crisp with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top!

How about you? what are you looking forward to this fall? 

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