:: I just love.... ::

A few more things I love...
I love being outdoors, soaking up the sunshine, the feel of grass under my feet, or sand between my toes. 
I love the ocean, swimming in the waves, taking long walks on the beach, finding beautiful shells, hearing the sound of the ocean, and smelling the salty air.
I love adventure, choosing to take the path no one has ventured on before, seeing things I never noticed, and doing things spontaneously. 
I love to travel, going to new places even if they are just around the block.
I love creating, taking photos, writing, making collages, journaling
I love reading, curling up with a good book on a cold winters day, or lying in the sunshine... enjoying the slow turning of each page.
I love to laugh, at corny jokes, movies, or comedians.
I love being around my grandchildren, their sense of wonder always opens my eyes to new things.

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