:: The night sky ::

Nothing quite amazes me more then a beautiful night sky. When it happens, I find myself constantly tripping over something, just because I am looking up. I think it is so fascinating that I can look up into the sky and see the same thing that someone millions of miles away, or even just a block away can see at that same moment in time. 

Most of us believe ourselves to be quite different from others, and that no one really understands us. But, the truth is really that we are all pretty much the same. Most of us have the same fears and worries. We all think we are not good enough, do not do enough, or just aren't enough. But, the fact remains that we are enough, we have enough, and everything really will be alright. Really.

When you are feeling alone, or overwhelmed, take a deep breath and look up. Just look up into the night sky and realize that somewhere, someone else is feeling just like you are. We all live under the same sky. And we all sing with the same voice. :)

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