:: Wow! It's cold! ::

And I don't mind it at all one little bit. Bring it on... but, allow me to pull on a hoodie first, wow! What a surprise, I get up this morning and head outside with the dog for our walk and holy moly is it chilly or what? I had to run back in and grab a hoodie! Good thing I unpacked my fall and winter items last weekend, and really, not a moment too soon! I love it! I simply love it! The cooler weather is so welcome! I absolutely love dressing in layers, wearing boots, and my soft comfy sweaters, and sitting outside on the porch and having a hot cup of tea while reading a wonderful new book - or - catching up on some beautiful magazines, which is exactly what I am going to do at some point today! This morning I have already whipped up a delicious batch of Ham and beans! I have some homemade cornbread made by a dear friend to pair with that. What could be better than that? Dinner already done, and whole day spread in front of me like a blank page just waiting to be filled! I live for days like this one. There will be a long nature walk taken today, along with some beautiful pictures, although we do not have real autumn color yet, just a few splashes of it here and there, as I mentioned earlier some reading as well, A friend and I are gathering for a quick coffee at Starbucks to enjoy the seasons new Pumpkin Spice Latte! Yummy! And for breakfast this morning, I am trying my hand at pumpkin pancakes with praline syrup. I actually ate this at a restaurant and loved it so much I found the recipe! It should pair well with some delicious breakfast sausage. And some orange juice of course! What's not to love about this season? course! What's not to love about this season? I can only think of one thing really... its a prelude to winter, but, really, I enjoy winter to. It has it's own little important niche as well, bringing on the slowing down that is so very necessary in our lives. But for now, it is autumn. time to reap the benefits of all that was sown, and get some wonderful sleep in that cool night air... nothing beats the sleep you achieve in the fall. Nothing. And to top it all off there are lots of things going on this week to enjoy the season, this weeks list of things to do includes;

walking along nature paths spying fall here and there
spotting yellows, oranges, reds and purples
enjoying the first cup of spiced tea of the season
cool, crisp breezes coming through the still-open windows
pulling out our doughnut maker {want to make apple-cider doughnuts}
finish unpacking the hoodies and sweaters and long sleeved clothing
creating a fall - inspired craft or two
attending an all-day art class taught by non other than Dyan Reaveley!
finish decorating the house for fall {want to make a fall arrangement}
snuggling under a soft blanket while watching a great new movie!
Making homemade french onion soup - I simply love it!
spending and afternoon taking pictures everywhere I go
catching up in my journal a bit! getting a little behind!

Are you spotting a pattern here? {smile} I know. Sigh. I'm really hoping to have a wonderful and productive week, in fact, I'm counting on it. Wish me luck, and I hope you're week is just as fantastic as well! Enjoy the change of season!

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