:: You don't have it figured out ::

Sometimes life can be so crazy. We think we have it all figured out, but really we do not. And that can really be frustrating the older you get. Just when you think you have something figured out, you don't.

And as always, we look to our past and wonder if the decisions we made were the best ones, and wonder if what we did really was right, Did we miss something? Then, we look to the future and wonder, what lies ahead for us, are we missing something important now that will help in the future? 

Life can be so chaotic, it's true and I realize that. And no, I don't have things figured out, but there are something things that I have learned along the way that stay constant and true, I think we encounter who we should when we should, and we experience what we should when we should. The hardest part of life for all of us is saying goodbye, but sometimes we just have to say goodbye. We must make room for the changes. The new and wonderful can not come in if the old is still standing in the doorway!

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