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:: 100 Things I love ~ Autumn Style ::

Inspired as always by really good lists, I have decided to make this one all about the things I love the very most about autumn. Which is really not very hard for me. I should have tried for more like 500, but...

1. A deep blue sky,  2. Hearing owls hooting,  3. Enjoying the bright Harvest Moon,  
4. Colors of every kind bursting from the trees,  5. Pine cones

6.  Apple and Pear picking at the Orchard,  7.  Scent of wood burning smoke,  8. Watching "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown",  9.  Stews and Soups with handmade breads,  10. Candy corn mixed with peanuts in adorable bowls

11. Smore's around the campfire,  12. The slow cooling down of the temperature,  13. Getting out all my fall and winter clothes, 14.  Wearing lots of layers, 15.  Enjoying my boots again

16. Hiking for whole afternoons,  17. The smell of Cinnamon, cloves and ginger,  18. Pumpkin Spice and Graham lattes at Starbucks,  19. Hot Apple cider {spiked of course},  20. Whole afternoons of wandering with camera in hand

21. Oktoberfest,  22. Watching "Hocus Pocus" before Halloween,  23. Fresh apple Butter,  24. Thanksgiving of course, 25. Reminding myself of all that I am grateful for 

26. Sketching the colorful world around me in my moleskine,  27. Going on a fall photo scavenger hunt, 28. Collecting Pumpkins and Gourds for decoration, 29. Creating a Fall centerpiece from nature, 30. Zumba Classes... 5 nights a week

31. Wearing fuzzy, soft slippers, 32. Cornfield Mazes, 33. Watching a movie at the Drive-In, 34. Putting a new fluffy comforter with tons of pillows on my bed, 35. Comfort Food of all kinds

36. Gorgeous, fun, and scary costumes, 37. Lots of bottle trees springing up everywhere, 38. Decorated yards and porches, 39. Collect and Press brightly colored leaves, 40. Going to a local High School football game

41. Inviting friends over for Chili and game night, 42. Going on a haunted hay rack ride, 43. Biking along the river, 44. Roast some pumpkin seeds, 45. Have an afternoon picnic during Indian Summer afternoon

46. Eat a gourmet caramel apple, 47. Change to a new nail color, get a mani/pedi, 48. Getting new supplies from the craft store, 49. Take lots of afternoon naps, 50. Read a book while relaxing outside on the porch

51. Trying new flavors of hot tea, 52. Spending the weekends "offline", 53. Creating a Fall Bucket List of absolute must-do's, 54. Listen to the leaves crunching under my feet as I walk, 55. Making pumpkin pancakes with praline syrup

56. Art Journaling with fall as my muse, 57. Slowing down after the craziness of summer, 58. Visiting old vintage bookstores and finding a treasure, 59. Building a bonfire and inviting family and friends, 60. Wearing gorgeous sweaters and hoodies

61. Taking lots of weekend road trips to admire the color, 62. Buying a new scented Fall inspired candle, 63. Decorating with Mums, 64. Making Bird Food ornaments and hanging them in the trees, 65. Having a huge Breakfast for dinner

66.  Taking a family photo for our Christmas cards, 67. Eating apple cider donuts, 68. Meandering through Art Fairs and Festivals, 69. Having an all day DIY Spa Day with the girls, 70. Wearing  fingernail polish in fall shades

71. Writing a new fall inspired Haiku every year, 72. Adding Chill and autumn music to my playlist, 73. Wearing beautiful scarves of every variety, 74. Enjoying afternoon tea again, 75. Visiting lots of old bookstores

76. Enjoying ceramics classes on cold days, 77. Outdoor Shooting at the range, 78. Autumn tunes and chill music, 79. Planning a few winter escapes, 80. Geocaching

81. Trying new Fall drink concoctions, 82. Yurt camping, 83. More indoor time: Art classes, 84. Setting up Artist dates for the cold season, 85. More time for blogging!

86. Darker nail polishes, 87. Visiting Museums, 88. Finding a new to me tv show and blowing thru 4 seasons!, 89. Crisp Air, 90. Fall Vegetables - preferably roasted

91. Trick -or- Treating, 92. Rainy Days, 93. Cider Donuts, 94. My new pea coat. 95. Daylight Saving Time!

96. Delicious Crock pot Meal, 97. The end of the humidity!, 98. Bowling, and other indoor  sports, 99. Raking leaves {It's damn good exercise folks!}, 100. The calm before the Holiday Season 

Oh!, And, the grin on my dogs face as he watches the leaves falling all around him!!!!! Love it!!!
And there you have it! My whole list. How about you make one now!

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