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I want to go anywhere, everywhere. I will quickly pack a bag with what first comes to mind. The absolute essentials: a good book, an excellent pen, my sketch pad and colored pencils, my Art Journal, my best camera and lip gloss. Warm clothes, water and sensible snacks. I want to wander through towns, through nature, and simply dive into tomorrow. I want to just take off for parts unknown and soak it all in. To be in an unknown place, if only for a couple of days. where the air smells different, and the food tastes better, and the words sound different somehow, and people wear anything they feel like. I want to throw out the maps and the itineraries, and instead just wander for hours and hours for no other reason than to see it all. To collect scraps of paper, and bits of conversations, to look through the lens again and again and piece it all together my way and tell the kind of story that deserves a funky little title. 

I have been dreaming of this a lot lately. I should do it. Soon.

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