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:: Self Portrait Saturday ::

I cannot remember when this picture was taken. At least ten years ago. But, I like it. I remember that I was mindlessly wandering with camera in hand in an abandoned area. In the middle of nowhere. It was Autumn then too, w hich made everything beautiful and magical. Yesterday, I found myself mindlessly driving down brightly colored tree-lined streets, and for a moment, everything around me was golden. All the trees screamed out in golden light. Leaves flew all around me like bright yellow slips of paper that twisted and flipped and spiraled wildly like tons of confetti. I willed one to float in through an open window, and it did. I wanted to touch it, to simply hold it up to the sunlight and examine it. Beautiful, soft music filled the car, Sufjan Steven's voice, smooth as it can be. And in that moment, as I took in everything... the brilliant colors, the falling, spinning leaves, the car ahead of me, the bridge behind me, the Ferris Wheel in the distance which made me feel like the promise of a fair... all of these things happening all at once were perfectly orchestrated, magical, and gone as fast as it happened, but leaving me feeling good. Really good. And why I do believe that God is good. All of the time.

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