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:: Those Golden yellows ::

Autumn gives us every opportunity to admire natures beauty, yet, how easy it is to miss the little things as we run around all day long doing whatever it is we are doing? Life is made up of recognizing beautiful moments in an imperfect world. We must really learn to discipline ourselves a little bit and learn to simply linger... even for a moment on those beautiful things so they will become emblazoned in our memory like a snapshot in a tattered scrapbook. Little treasures that we pick up every day and hold dear. What types of things about Autumn do you treasure? As for me, I put together a little list...

25 Little Things To Treasure in Autumn

  1. Quiet dinners by the fire/or dinner over a campfire
  2. Reading a good book while savoring the golden warm sun
  3. Soft flannel sheets at the end of a long day
  4. Delicious flickering Candles casting a warm glow
  5. Scents of cinnamon, oranges & cloves filling the house
  6. Pumpkins and gourds just for decorating
  7. Sunday Roasts, Potatoes & Carrots smothered in gravy
  8. Fluffy feather beds to sink into on a cold night
  9. Watching movies snuggled up in soft warm blankets
  10. Cozy socks and fuzzy slippers
  11. Apple Crisp in the oven from just picked apples
  12. Warm crackling outside fire chimneys, talking with friends
  13. Squash with buttered brown sugar
  14. Chili and corn bread smothered in honey
  15. Listening to the wind blowing through leaves
  16. The soft golden glow of lamps through windows
  17. Laughter filling a room
  18. Game nights and popcorn
  19. Caramel apples {yummy}
  20. Family & Friends and any excuse to get together
  21. Homemade soups and handmade breads
  22. Scheduling lots of Artists dates
  23. Wandering small towns with camera in hand
  24. Meandering through Art and crafting fairs
  25. Taking long weekend drives to anywhere admiring nature

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