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More pictures from my wandering last weekend. Have you been missing me? I dare say so. I have received tons of e-mails that you think this is the end. No, it's not. Not at all folks. I've been around, I really have, Just really, really busy. Last year I made it here every single day. It was my goal. My 365 project. Now, I am going to make it here a few times a week... maybe more on occasion. I'll try. Life has become so very very busy. Working a lot, going to exercise class every night, it's leaving very little time in-between that's for sure. And the time left over has been spent on Artist dates, going to a few Art classes, and lots of wandering with my camera to capture the gorgeous colors of the season whenever I can. All of this of course on top of the usual cooking every day, cleaning, laundry, dog walking etc, etc,... life is just really, really busy. I also take, or rather I make time for my friends as well. It's so important to do that. Even a couple stolen hours here and there is better than nothing. So, I promise, I'll do better here now, you'll see me more often, but, just not quite as much as you used to. Don't worry you... I'm not going anywhere. And, thanks for asking.

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