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Yesterday was a good day for me. After feeling under the weather for a few days, a cup of tea and some time to write, well just having the time to slow down in general was pretty wonderful. I woke up with such a vision of clarity about my life ~ the kind of clear sight that can't be forced. It simply appeared as I woke up, which is a big and welcome change from how muddled I've been feeling lately. The blues are gone and I can think again! I spent the afternoon writing things down ~ what I want more of, what I want less of, and how I can accomplish  that. To remember to take breaks, to eat better and to be mindfull in all things, and to drink enough water. To fit in a daily walk no matter what. I have really needed this clear overview. I've had this floating around in my mind for quite a while now so it makes me feel better to see a real schedule of important things come to light. To that end, it's time for me to begin to be more creative and perhaps even to think of ways to earn money using my creativity. It's just a thought at the moment. But a simple thought can become a dream... and a dream can become reality by following the right path. Who knows what this next year actually holds in store for me? Perhaps it will be a real pivotal point in my life. I am already thinking about what my word for next year will be. But I sense that this year it is more important then ever. They are floating around in my mind... soon, one should take hold. Very soon.

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