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::It starts with a blank canvass ::

My first cup of coffee is cooling very quickly as the house is quite chilly this time in the morning. Winter has retreated to the point that all the snow has melted. We had one day that was 60 degrees {on Thanksgiving even!} and after that it rained for a couple of days which made all the leftover snow melt. There is no sign of the snowstorm that we had just a mere week ago. Amazing isn't it? So, after walking the dog I'm sitting in my favorite comfy chair drinking a very hot cup of coffee and reading a new book. It's still dark right now, and for that I am grateful because once the sun begins to rise it will bring to my mind all the chores that need my attention. I’d rather be blind to them this early in the day. There is a lot I did not get to this weekend because I was feeling sick for a couple of days. Today, I will allow myself to move slowly through the day.
With the exception of the intricate sky above, this hour is devoid of detail. Even the trees have no leaves left on them and they stand in stark silhouette to the featureless landscape around them. The wind has even quieted down. 
So far, this morning is a blank canvas.
Steam rises from my fresh coffee in an attempt to become the only cloud in the sky. My fingers trace the pattern on the mug, stirring memories of the person who gifted it to me many years ago. My smile sips the earthy liquid as my thoughts flit elsewhere. I usually drink from my red cup. But, not this morning. Of course, I would much rather be drinking this to be honest:

A noise nearby startles me a bit, but luckily, my dog continues to snore from his bed, escaping both alarm and curiosity. I’m grateful for that because I’m sure that his barking would have shattered this moment and forced me into my day. 
Yet, without the barking or the sense of sight, my to-do list begins to form in my thoughts. The sun is beginning to rise. I must be waking. But, I still have time to enjoy another cup of coffee as I sketch out the day before me.
Good morning 

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