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:: The long awaited snowstorm ::

What a day, work was simply CRAZY! But, I made it, and, happily, it's Friday! And I have wonderful plans despite the fact that a snowstorm is headed my way. I stopped into the grocery store on my way to meet a friend for a night of painting and WHAT A MADHOUSE! People buying everything off the shelves, I imagine they are trying to beat the storm and stock up for weeks in case they are snowed in {snort} It'll be fine. It's supposed to be 55 degrees again next week, so I know it won't last... but here they are.... like it's the end of the world or something. I don't know. But, further away from the chaos, I have had a lovely evening. We got a window seat at Artsy Bug Studio, which was perfect for watching for the awaiting snow storm which did not wait long before it began. It was beautiful. Heavy falling snow. Unusual for the first of the season. We were safe and warm inside painting away. The white pumpkin. My friend wanted a picture to hang for the fall up to Thanksgiving, and this was a good one. Next, she wants to do a Christmas one... but for now, its this and it turned out pretty good I think. What do you think? I'm no painter. But, I tried. 

They don't serve booze here, so I was forced to spike my coke with a lot of rum to get through the painting session. Next, we decided to go to the bookstore. But, after that I made my friend go home because the weather really was turning quite nasty. I made it home easy as always and enjoyed a spiked egg nog and watched the snow falling outside while I was curled up and comfy under my big soft blanket and reading my book, a perfect way to embrace the season I think. I really wanted to enjoy some of the mixed nuts I had bought, but, slight problem. Can't find the damn nutcracker anywhere in the house.Where do these things go?

Now the snow is really coming down, and it looks perfect for a evening winter walk, I love the silence that the snow provides, so we {my trusty dog and I} are going to get out there and take advantage of our very own Narnia, with some spiked hot apple cider in hand while the snow is untouched. Stay safe folks, it's really coming down.

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