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:: Never judge a book by the Movie ::

I know. It should be a given right? Everybody knows that the book is the way to go,
 and the movie is simply an exaggeration of the best parts of the book.

 I never judge a book by the movie because the movie is always so much less than the book. 
Truly, there is no comparison, so what's the question?

Oh, yes, what is better? The book or the movie? Is that really a question folks? Really?

 So, last month in book club we read "The Martian". 

And, at the same time, the movie came out - so many of us also saw the movie - myself included.

 When it came time to discuss the book, however, many people were confused 
by what they had read and how the movie went.

  I know. 

The endings were completely different too.

So, I just sat and listened as the banter continued.

  Unbelievable. It was unbelievable. 

 How do you not remember the difference? Sigh.

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