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I am not a real fan of the cell phone.
You'll never catch me in long phone conversations, 
and if you do, it is against my will.
When the phone rings, I rarely answer it.
I also seldom look to even see who is calling.
Why? Because I am doing my own thing.
If it is important... they will leave a message. 
Then, I have the choice to call back--If I want.

I do not have a landline in my home anymore.
I haven't for simply years now. No need for two phones.
I remember the days when you didn't know who was calling.
When you answered the phone and were surprised at who was at the other end.
That made answering the phone fun because of course...
you never knew who you were going to get.

Caller ID has changed all of that.
Now, you always know who is on the other end.
It has become real easy to avoid people. With a catch.
They know it. Everyone is connected. Expected to be available. Always.
If you don't answer, they do suspect you are avoiding them, and that hurts.
But not when you call me. I don't answer to anyone. And everyone knows that.
It's aggravating for them to be sure, but, they don't get hurt feelings over it.
Why? Because I treat everyone that way. Unless it's an emergency of course.

I would much rather meet in person, talk face to face.
The phone is so impersonal.
I try to make my phone conversations as short as possible.
Often avoiding talking about everything, and giving the shortest possible answer.
Because, I can't watch your face, feel your vibes, sense your emotions over the phone, 
so why bother? Instead, come to my home. The door is always open.

Granted my cell phone has come in handy, many times in an emergency.
It is certainly irreplaceable on many levels. But, it is not private.
Not by any means. And that, folks is how I feel about that.

Does anyone else feel this way?

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