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:: Am I in the right month? ::

This is December right? I'll bet your wondering why I'm asking aren't you? Well, even though the halls have been decked, for just weeks now, inside of {the house} the world is a downright beautiful Christmas Wonderland. The problem is the moment you step outside the house. Why? Well, while it may not be a hot summers day, its pretty close. Last weekend was in the 60's. Simply unheard of in the month of December in these parts. And then today while we were on our first walk of the day, you will never believe what we came upon. My elderly neighbor who always plants tons of wild flowers in her yard every season had a whole bed of flowers blooming everywhere. Dozens of little yellow and orange flowers as bright as they could be, bursting out everywhere - same as they do all summer long. It was unbelievable, and it was almost all I could do not to pick them and put them in a vase and stick them in my kitchen window. The only reason I didn't; because I felt that the bright orange and yellow would clash too terribly with the beautiful Christmas decor. I know. Sigh. But, truthfully, that is how I roll. Besides, it's got to look like Christmas somewhere right?

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