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Art—Jounaling, Mixed media art pages, Paintings, Photography, Music, Poetry: I can't live without them.Not any of them. Being creative is deep within me. That will never cease to be. I will always be creating.

Beaches---I love beaches. I love walking along the shoreline on them, I love lying on the soft, warm sand and burying my feet in it, sitting on it as the waves come crashing in all around me, pitching a tent on it and building a fire and camping on it.  

Comfort---A bed full of soft warm blankets and soft feather pillows, An over sized comfy chair just begging to be sat in all afternoon to read a good book in, Macaroni and Cheese, Shepard's pie and oh so many meals that have to be put on the comfort list.

Dogs—A house without a dog is probably a quieter house, but it's one I don't want any part of. My dog is my very special loving companion, my friend, my confidant. He is a part of my family in every way. And, by the way, you never hear about the crazy dog lady right?

Eggs---Can't live without them. I eat eggs every day in some way shape or form. Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day no matter what time I may enjoy it, and eggs are the most major part of it.

Family and Friends---You need both in your life always. These are the most special relationships you will ever have, and you will fondly remember them always.

Guitar---Yup, you heard me right. I am lucky enough to live in a house and a neighborhood full of guitar players who on a whim and at a moments notice will create a makeshift band and hold a makeshift mini concert in my backyard for all to hear and enjoy.

Home---A house is only a home with all the special ingredients that get mixed into it. Love, nurturing relationships, friends, neighbors, furniture and items chosen with love, or made by hand from a loved one, it's a place you are surrounded by all that you love, and hold most dear to you.

I---yes, that's right. Me. I'm thankful to be me. Thankful for my beautiful life. Thankful for everything that makes me, well, me.

Job---Not just for my present job, but for all of my past jobs as well. They too, are a part of me. Things I learned in one job prepared me better for the next and the next and so on and so forth. All the good people I have met at work, and all the wonderful training that I have received have made me a better person today. 

Kitchen---The most special room in the whole house it is.It is where I create lots of goodness. It is where the family and the people I love gather in my home to enjoy the fruits of my cooking, to play games, to eat dinner and share good conversation, to play cards, decorate cookies, it is the main hub of my whole existence this room. This one room.  

Love. Laughter. Light. Life. We could never live without these things in our lives, not ever.

Music—Even bad music is better than no music at all. Can you even imagine a world without it? I create new playlists all the time to fit my changing moods and the changing seasons, and on and on. Music is a good companion when you want to be alone.

Nikon—I don’t ever see things fully without it. I have taken thousands of pictures with it, and this new year I plan on using it to make a 365 project come true.

Observant---This is something I have finally grown in to. Instead of reacting first, I have taken a step back and become one who observes, ponders a while, and then makes a decision. It is my way of being mindful.

Positive---This is my new attitude. The only one a person should have, because with it, you will go far, without it, you will go nowhere. The thing is, life will happen no matter what your attitude, so why not make it a good one?

Quiet---This is something all of us need in our everyday struggles. Quiet. Some quiet time. Time to meditate. Time to relax and rest and think over the day. Give yourself some quiet as a gift to yourself every day.

Reading---Like, is there any doubt? I love to read, it takes me far away, I get lost in all the books that I read in one way or another. Reading is something everyone should do. At least one book a month will set you straight!

Sleep—You take it for granted until you can’t do it anymore. I went through so many years of just laying my head down and being asleep within minutes, and now, every night that I sleep is a day I’m grateful for. But, I do believe that a set schedule everyday can go far in helping me relax and go to sleep each night at a decent time.

Unique---that is each of us. I am unique in my own way, and you in yours. That is what make me-me and, you-you. I have unique qualities that I love and wouldn't trade for the whole world. And so do you.

Values---We all have them. We all live by them. If you don't know what you believe in, I suggest you figure it out quick, and then stick to them. These create the core center of what we each believe to be true in our lives. There is nothing in this world quite as important as that. It develops you into who you will be. What you are.

Water---I don't believe there is any one thing in life more important than water. You need it. You can't live without it, And it's something you probably don't get enough of. Drink lots of it every day. It will make everything better.

XOXOXO---Hugs and kisses for everybody. Be loving in you words, in your deeds and in everything that you do. Welcome and greet people with open arms and a big warm smile always. Be that person people can love.

Yearn---Do you yearn for something more? Good! You should, you always should. Dream, wish, yearn, whatever you want to call it, never give it up, never. It will lead you down the right path.

Zing-I always add a little zing to my step, a little Zest to my food... do that, and you'll do just fine!



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