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Today felt really long. Probably because I had big plans after work. Not only was tonight book club night, but my good friend and I exchanged our Christmas gifts with each other over some delicious Mexican food. Nope, it really does not get any better than that on a Thursday night folks. I really miss working with her, but only because I really liked seeing her every day. I feel like in the last year I haven't seen her nearly as much as I'd like to. But this new year is looking good for get together's. Schedules have changed enough for me to enjoy lots of free time after work, and I'm filling it with workouts & get together's with my good friends and cooking and creating... what could be better than that? Anyway, back to the the evening - I made out like a bandit - but so did she! We collect things all through the year for each other and then present our gifts to each other every Christmas. It's fun. Especially getting a gift that is from a shopping trip from last April when I exclaimed how much I'd liked it... and she remembered that. Every time. But then, that's a real friend now, isn't it?

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