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:: Cake, pie, oh my ::

What in the world have I been up to? Lots of stuff, that's for sure. I said I wanted to do a million things and slowly but surely,
 I am! There have been a lot of high's and low's this week. A lot. Some of the high points of course were Christmas, seeing friends and family and the normal Christmas stuff, which there is always a ton of. But, I wanted to talk about all the little things that made the holiday feel really special. Like, getting a bottle of wine as a gift from work {but no corkscrew!} and my boss making her famous Tres Leche Cake. OMG I've never eaten a moister cake before, well, I guess it's tied with my better than sex cake for sure. It was divine people. 

Tres Leche Cake

Next, I downloaded tons of books into my Kindle. And when I say tons... I am not kidding. Among my newest added are: All the light we cannot see, The Charm School, Dr. Sleep, Go set a Watchman,  Modern Romance, and What Alice forgot. Among others. Lots of others. Too many to possibly list. Then looked around for a new desktop calendar. Didn't have to go far, I simply love the ones on this site. I always checking it out every month from  This Blog Here. Aren't they simply gorgeous? I know. It was a wonderful find. I'm always finding stuff on other sites that I want to do or create, or bake! Like this: I'm thinking that I'm going to have to have a try at making this pie I found Here. It looks fabulous! As someone who loves the crust on a pie more than what is in the pie, this one is definitely for me! Why so many new things going on? Well, I read the most interesting article that simply stated that time slows down when you're learning and doing new things. Read the whole article about it HERE. It's an interesting read. Especially when most of us feel like it's rushing by at the pace of the white river rapids. {They are quite fast} Perhaps I should have said as fast as a New York minute huh? Anyway, point is, learning to manipulate time as much as possible to you advantage. Or rather, make you feel like you are. I have plans within plans and on Saturday have maybe planned a little much, but part of the day {maybe 6 hours} will be devoted to thrifting. I love going thrifting and I have my goodie bag ready to get me through the day! I'll let you know what I scored! What are you doing with your days following Christmas? I'd love to know.

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