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There is no snow. None at all. As you know, we had a big snowstorm a few weeks back - but, that melted away just a few days later as the temperatures went back up, and the sun was quite bright and quite warm. Living in the Midwest I can tell you it's quite odd not to have some permanent white by now. I know, I shouldn't really complain, but Christmas looks much better under a fresh blanket of snow. In fact, the world looks better under a fresh blanket of soft white snow. It will be here before ya know it so, I'm not going to get real upset. Not at all. There is time. For now, I'm getting lots done and purging as I go. I'm enjoying wearing sweaters and light jackets over the heavy coats that restrict all movement. Very soon, the snow and the bitter cold will come, and I will be in hibernation mode. My world will slow down. My creativity will be in full swing, lots of books and magazines will be read, serious comfort food will be eaten, a spring garden will be planned and new music playlists will be created and enjoyed. what are you looking forward to this winter?

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