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:: Saving for a rainy day ::

I’m not a hoarder. I’m a saver. I think we've actually maybe discussed all this before. Hoarders take in every cat they find, hold onto every magazine and newspaper they receive, but savers really just keep the things with sentimental value. Hoarders stack things in piles which only gets in the way of life—how do you walk around stacks of things? Or, only have a trail through your house? How is it even possible to safely live like that? High towers of precariously perched magazines, too-tall bundles of mail, each folded and returned to its envelope, all of it claiming surface and volume. And sometimes even boxes upon boxes of "stuff" that they are no longer actually really sure what's even in them piled high on furniture leaving no place to even sit anymore. But, we savers, we put our keepsakes in plastic boxes in the attic. Totes. Makes all the difference in the world. While Hoarders keep things out of fear - savers, we keep them out of love.

Still, I’ve saved too much. I have enough ornaments for three Christmas trees; ok, actually more - but I did get rid of 2 trees this year and the decorations for them. Halloween costumes that, while I made them myself, fit no one now; original boxes from cameras and computers I no longer have filled with mementos, school work, pics; a large bag full of mittens, gloves, scarves and hats. too many to count. But,  you can be sure I have something in there that will match any outfit anytime; a sewing machine I don’t know how to use;a collection of Martha Stewart Magazines; 72 VHS tapes we’ll never watch; box after box of point-and-shoot photos, and so it goes. I am letting go of all of it. For real. It leaves space to just get what I need. And, black goes with everything, so a few gloves and scarves will be fine. The pictures I will digitize, other things I will take pictures of, and magazines only wither away and rot - paper does not last forever. I feel much better now since I let this go today. Now, I must tackle the closet of clothes I am saving for when I lose 20 lbs. I'm thinking on that one. Do you have a closet like that too?

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