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I call bullshit where I see it, and I’m not going to stop, because for years I did just that. Let it go on and on and on. Surprised? I have a good friend who, every time I turn around is telling me how she was so upset because her friend, or he family member put her down in some form or another. Bullshit. Yesterday, was my last straw. She had a girlfriend who made plans with her for a while now to go after Christmas shopping. While shopping, she actually said to someone waiting on them that my friend is a little mean. She doesn't have a mean or selfish bone in her body. She went on to say that because she told the butcher or whoever that she wanted her packages wrapped separately that she was being a pain. What? And on top of all of this, she had four or five other stories along the same line that happened with this woman during the day with her. She won't do anything about it.  She will probably just ignore her for months. That's just how she handles things. By hiding. But, folks, this woman has done nothing but hide for years. It's like people spot a good person to abuse and then heap it on her, and then she doesn't know how to deal with it, except to push it down, swallow her pride and just move on. But she doesn't move on. She hides. She works, she comes home and she hides. She hides behind illness, headaches, exhaustion, etc, etc, but the truth of it is this; life has pushed her there and she has accepted it. But, you know me. I'm not going to let that continue on. No, I'm not. This woman, who used to be full of fun and full of life can be again. She is fun. She is talented. She is smart. And the world needs people like her because otherwise we would be run over by total assholes. Despite the fact that you should let go and let karma care for things {and it does} bottom line is this; Bullshit needs its callers. She has 2 {supposed friends} in her life right now whom she needs to confront. The nice lady who put her down all day yesterday, and an older friend who has used her all of her life to take care of her aged mother because she wants nothing to do with that. Her life is more important. And my friend, has watched over her mother lovingly for years and years now. She thinks of her as her own mother. Why wouldn't she? The grew up together. But, I have suggested that now is the time to let her children take care of her. She must back off. They do not care about her, and in fact, are going to pull the rug right out from under her again. It is a mess folks. But bullshit needs to be called. Right now. My friend, she's going to be ok. Life goes on. Her life is going to get better. Because I'm not going to let her feel like life is beating her down anymore. No, from here on out. Life is good again. Creating is everything, and the world Mary, it is your Oyster. And just please remember this:

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