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:: Those Moments ::

Some moments are harder to describe than others. It's a feeling that starts in the pit of your stomach somewhere between excitement and terror, happiness and fear and all of it combined. Perhaps it is all of those feelings all rolled into each other that create that feeling of awe within me. What about you? Do you know what moments I'm talking about? It's like...

  • Thunder during a snowstorm
  • clicking "purchase now" for my plane ticket
  • a rose that is just about ready to open
  • waking up somewhere else
  • discovering a fantastic thrift shop bargain
  • saying yes
  • seeing life through the lens of a camera
  • sprouts in the garden in only a week
  • being naked
  • waking up at night and seeing it's a long way off till I must wake up
  • getting a handwritten letter in the mail
  • buying a new journal and starting on the first page
  • blogging, sharing my life and my thoughts with you

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