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:: Winter Solstice Darkness ::

The darkest day of the year is now upon us. Today, it is raining, and it is warm. It is December in the Midwest and 60 degrees outside. It is indeed strange as I watch flowers pop up from the earth as though it were Springtime. they are confused. And, it is dark, as it should be. We do need the darkness however, As much as we need the light. There must always be both. Darkness can be good as well. It can be: 

  • nurturing darkness
  • comforting darkness
  • sheltering darkness
  • restful darkness
  • restorative darkness
  • protective darkness
  • supporting darkness
  • love-making darkness
  • tender darkness
  • soft, gentle darkness
  • clarifying darkness
  • emancipating darkness
  • transforming darkness

I put on my black sweater and it makes me feel warmer against the wet chill of the rain. And I do feel the comfort, that such darkness creates. Today, on this dark day of winter, I wish you all those dark blessings and many more.

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