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Are you Happy ?

One day, while in the middle of a conversation, and without any warning, someone surprised me with that question: Are you happy? They just blurted out. I thought a minute and replied simply : I am as happy as I choose to be.

Since that day, usually when things aren't going so well, when difficulties abound and profound sadness is a constant, I ask myself the same question. Are you happy? Life is full of intricate paths, obstacles and situations that at times seem overwhelming. But, life is also full of dreams, goals we reach, friends, family, people who help us along the way... and I stick to my original reply. I am as happy as I choose to be. You can't go through life thinking things like, if I just get that job I'll be happy. Or, If I marry that person life will be perfect. No, that is not how life works. Not at all. Happiness is on the inside. And the things that make us happy are most often the simplest of things. Like, plenty of rest, nutritious food, good friends, loving relationships, kindness, and creating happy times and memories. I know, that there will be times that are so profoundly difficult that just waking up, and remembering to breathe is all we can do to get through the day. Time heals all wounds and sadness, and soon you will be grateful to wake up everyday, thankful for every breath you take, appreciative of every precious moment you are here. For even with all of our flaws, mistakes and imperfections, you will love the way you grow, become happy with who you are, and comfortable with change. And, being happy? That would be the assurance in your step, the manner and strength in which you face life's obstacles, the way your smile shines and brightens a room whenever you are around, and the calm that your very presence brings to others, because you are at peace within yourself. Is that happiness? Yes. I do believe that it is. And, everyday, I continue to choose to be happy. I continue to find beautiful pictures to take, create lovely art, visit museums, do whatever it takes to create happiness within my very soul. That folks, is what makes me happy.

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