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:: Bokeh, I'm cold, decisions to be made ::

Bokeh: 1. Out driving 2. Hotel along the river 3. My Rum and Coke 4. Party lights

So, I guess no one needs to tell you what I was recently practicing right? I think they turned out really good. Most of my previously good Bokeh pictures were basically by mistake, but these were planned out, and executed pretty well. Now that it's cold out, it's not quite as easy to get out and get good pictures. Even though most of the snow is once again gone, the bitter cold still manages to creep in. Then again, I heard it's supposed to get warmer one day this weekend, then go back to being really cold again. Really? What a tease. It's like nature is just waving that Springtime carrot in front of our faces and saying "yeah, that's right, this is what's coming soon". Only, not soon enough for me, that's for sure. I really am growing really wearing of these really cold winters. I think I'm ready to move somewhere much warmer. The question is where. That's tough because I have a sister in sunny warm Arizona, a brother in the calm climate of Little Rock Arkansas, and yet another brother who lives next door to Disney World in Florida, and we all know that outside of the occasional hurricane the weather there is almost always perfect as well. So, what to do? Decisions, decisions. I'm really just not sure. I would love a big garden. It would be really cool to grow my own oranges and lemons and limes and avocados, and have a really big garden on top of all of that! I  just don't know. But, I'm looking. I am seriously looking around to see what just might suit me. Who knows? Maybe by this time next year, I'll be writing to you from sunny warm .....????

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