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:: Can you hear me? ::

I know she is busy, but, as usual, I've been having a restless shifting deep in my bones kind of feeling. I want to convince this girl in the mirror of what to do next. I want her to take her wonderful idea and run with it. That she could really have a great thing going for her... if she would just try. You would think after fifty some years she would trust me more and listen to me. I am nothing if not true to my ways. I have pondered the logistics of it with her... because I know there is a way. She is so talented. Has so many ideas. In my heart of hearts I know this will lead her in the right direction. A wonderful direction. I guess that just being her conscious I don't worry nearly as much as she does... but it's hard to worry when you feel so grateful for every moment of every day. I treasure days that are filled with love and light, color and music, movement and laughter and the unwavering belief that things will be just as they were always meant to be. I will keep working on her. Perhaps it would help me to know... what is causing you to stir and dream today?

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