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:: Charmed, I'm sure ::

My family is different than most I think. One of the things that  I  always felt separated my family from the average family, is that we clearly have a sense of wonder;  An unbelievable, almost uncontrollable curiosity.  About, well, everything. We'll talk to anyone, for any amount of time, to get their back story.  We seek out the ones whittling in the corner, or the lone soul in the shop just wandering around, the older man sitting on a park bench just people watching... the ones who watch the world, but rarely interact with it, and for the most part seem to go un-noticed by most people, which is quite odd to me, since in my eyes, they stand out in a crowd. We will be the first to start up a conversation among strangers, and before long, no one is a stranger anymore. I have been told that it takes a very special type of person to understand all types of people and be able to relate to all people, and more importantly, on their own level. Whatever it is, I enjoy it as much as my father did, and as much as my son does. Some people say we are charmed. What exactly does that mean? Is that a bad thing?

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