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Some of my best inspirations are born in the heat of the moment; some have stewed within me for what seems like a lifetime. Those moments, those exciting little moments that changed my life forever, they remind me of why I am here, that this is my life, for better or worse, and to get happy about all those little things that make me feel so alive. So I began to think about some of those little moments that made all the difference in the world, and connecting in my mind with all of those memories, and I came up with this..

The very first time that clicked "purchase now" for an online plane ticket to visit my grand kids by myself.

Thunder that shakes your entire house during a snowstorm.

The first {and only} time I went skinny dipping.

Looking up at a full moon so big it filled the entire night sky.

Watching as my very first garden magically came to life.

The wonder of a perfect loaf of bread, made with these hands alone.

Waking up somewhere other than home.

Finding the deal of a lifetime while thrifting.

Saying Yes.

Seeing real life through a camera lens

Being naked in front of someone else.

Getting a very important, and long awaited package in the mail.

Standing up for myself every time the need arises.

How about you? Can you think of some pivotal moments in your life that changed everything? 

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