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:: Hey, that's my cup! ::

I am completely in love with my cups! Is that weird? I know a few people who are funny about their cups. You know, how in the office, people take their own cups in to drink from instead of having the generic company cups provided. I do. Of course I do. Because, everybody knows that somehow, a drink tastes much nicer from a cup you like!  Well I certainly like mine. I adore my cups. I have different cups for different things. I have 2 cups at work. One is for coffee, the other is for tea. They are the perfect size so that the drink can stay at it's hottest (incredibly important for me! Anything other than piping hot is just arrrggghhhh!). That's how I justify them to the Mr ...he gets it, he knows what I am like! Their beauty is pure and makes me smile, Okay, so yes, I am a little weird, but it is a very nice way to have your drink! 

So, having said all of that, imagine my surprise to see a co-worker with MY cup on her desk. She apologized and said she forgot hers and that there were no other cups to be found, and she didn't think that I would mind if she just "borrowed" mine. feeling a little less devastated that it wasn't one of my most favorites, and most cherished cups, I just nodded my head and said it was not only fine, but she was welcome to just keep it... to which she was elated. The truth is, I would never take it back after she used it. And, no, I can't really explain it myself other than to say, she ruined that cup for me. So, my bestie took me out that night and we found another. A perfect replacement! It is perfect! That put a teeny tiny smile back on my face. Now, I can face tomorrow. Oh, and I now lock my drawer. Even though the only things I keep in it are cups.

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