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:: I'm no fan ::

I am not a fan of winter as a whole you understand. I love the first snowfall, like most of us do, I love bundling up and walking outside and hearing...nothing. You can't buy that kind of profound and utter silence. It's a quiet that is almost eerie. But I do not love that it lasts for months and that we struggle to keep the house warm.

But I do love the preparation. And the slowing down. I've been puttering around the house, cleaning, making broths and soups to freeze, crocheting leg warmers from soft spun yarn, and getting in lots of reading time. Journaling every day, exercising my creativity as often as possible, and taking lots of still pictures. Practicing in different light and backgrounds... nothing too intensive though, I can assure you.

The bitter cold has now taken hold and is here to stay for the duration of what is left of winter. It's time to hibernate now.


- easing myself back into yoga, very slowly, very gently.
- eating tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.
- possibly painting something.
- thinking of hosting a harry potter movie marathon.
- planning for a favorites thing party very soon.

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