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I have found many amazing things online to keep myself busy and learn new things at the same time. And I thought I would share some of my absolute favorites with you today. Keep in mind-these are all totally free and totally great! First is a site that helped me improve my ways with Excel. Not an easy program to completely master, but using this site had me totally rockin Excel! It's called practice this and you will never feel intimidated by excel again! Serious! Have you ever wanted to learn to code? There are actually two great sites that will teach you completely for free. And no, I'm not kidding. First is CodeAcademy, and the second straight from the halls of the traditional Harvard College found HERE and, as I said completely free. Want to learn how to read much faster? Then visit Spreeder and learn how. Want to learn a new language? at duolingo you can. They have several languages to choose from and a mobile app as well as a web site, and the extensive courses are all free. Afraid to get up and speak in front of a crowd? Learn to improve your public speaking skills here at the University of Washington's introduction to public speaking - again totally FREE. Learn basic psychology with this free class from Yale University. If you struggled with math in school, and still have trouble applying it in real life try’s Real World Math course. It will reteach you basic math skills as they apply in everyday Life. Very helpful! Want to learn how to play the guitar? Start here at Justin Guitar. you'll learn the chords and the basic skills you'll need to be able to play guitar. And what about singing too? Heres a free voice lesson from Berklee College Of Music. Nice right? Want to learn to draw? Just go to drawspace and learn. It has everything. Great lessons. Hundreds of lessons even. Want to learn how to make your own animated gif's? Go here to find a great, simple guide to making an animated GIF without Photoshop. Learn to appreciate Jazz music right here at the University of Texas' course on Jazz appreciation. Want to learn to take good pictures? The basics of photography can be learned here, at Lifehacker Ever wanted to learn how to knit? Instructables has a great course by a woman who is herself an online-taught knitter. You’ll be making yourself and your family hats scarves and mittens before you know it! Want to learn Yoga? Most cities have free community classes (try just searching Google or inquiring at your local yoga studio), or if you’re more comfortable trying yoga at home, YogaGlo has a great 15-day trial and Yome has a collection of 100% free yoga videos. If you’re already familiar with basic yoga positions but you need an easy way to practice at home, try YogaTailor’s free trial as well. You can't go wrong with any of these, give it a try! And, if all else fails, there's always youtube which, surprisingly has many good instruction on yoga as well as classes too. There are classes to be had for everything. If you wanted a free education you could even get that.Check this out: • Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Even MIT offers a far more comprehensive selection of free online courses than other universities -- nearly its entire undergraduate and graduate curriculum. Downloading materials takes mere minutes. Their newsletter highlights new offerings, from Quantum Physics to American Women Authors. What's the Catch? Users can't enroll, take classes on campus, or earn degrees. Another language course can be done through • BBC, FrenchPodClass. The BBC offers top-notch online and even MP3 lessons in languages familiar and obscure, including French, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, Greek, and Urdu. FrenchPodClass has easy-to-use, enjoyable podcasts that allow you to learn French while you do errands or go for a run. What's the Catch? Classes are one size fits all, which fast learners may find sluggish (and slow learners may find difficult)., Free classes Want to start your own business? • U.S. Small Business Administration. Learn how to write a business plan, register your company, and deal with the tax details of running a home business at your local Women's Business Center evening classes (men are welcome, too). The only real catch here is that both novices and more advanced learners share the same classroom. (click on "Local Resources" for a nearby center and for financial and marketing information). • Apple Stores. Apple gives excellent classes on business and entertainment software, music programs, and computer basics, all remarkably free of sales pitches. There are also classes on how to use Apple hardware, like iPods. Most of the company's stores -- there are more than 170 -- offer several classes a day. (click on "Visit an Apple store"). Now, that should be enough to get you started in the right direction! There are so many things to learn and to do, every time I have 10 minutes, I'm watching a class. It's amazing all the things that I have learned by just teaching myself. Try it! You'll love it! And you''l learn lots of stuff along the way!

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