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:: The let down ::

I have noticed that when the new year comes, there is a bit of a let down that happens. It could be, that all the activity from December comes to a rather abrupt stop. The sparkle and luster of the festive season is suddenly gone and house tends to look a bit bare, empty even. What to fill it with now?

Personally, apart from very little get up and go, I don't mind this time of year. I find it a good time to reflect equally looking back, and forward, at the same time. A time when getting out and walking seems to be a good way of allowing thoughts and ideas to simmer and process and bloom into something with potential, but also a time when that sofa and a fire are just far too comfortable, and the days too short, to inspire anything other than hanging out together watching some good movies and staying warm. And of course time for the reading of books, and doing some creative works. Certainly, it is a time of opposites, but all very quiet and slow and not at all taxing. 

This morning, the house smells of cinnamon buns. There is frost on the grass, and as I sit in the warmth, looking out at the pink sky, I find myself coming back once more to my monthly goals and encouraging myself to stick with them all {there are only 6 of them} and so far, so good. I keep my intentions at the for front of my thoughts so that all that I do is geared towards them, not away from them. And, I've been thinking that its time for something a little bigger to happen now as well. a life changing decision that has been floating around and coming in to land every so often, for over a year now, has finally come home to roost. Times, they are a-changing.

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