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:: My special word of the year ::

I decided on this word because I feel that every day their are choices to be made. How I choose to start the day, end the day, make of the day is completely up to me. How my life goes is made up of the things I choose to do or not to do. I always have a choice. Should I stay, should I go? Should I exercise or just blow it off? Choosing is not always easy. Not choosing can speak just as loudly sometimes. No matter what happens to me or what others do, I can control my own choices, responses, and actions.
I can choose joy.
I can choose patience.
I can choose to make time for things that make me happy.
I can choose to say no.
Bottom line is this: I can choose the best course of action each and every day.
It's all up to me.
Everyday I will look at my word, and I will choose wisely. 


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