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:: Recipe for a sick day ::

Not too much is going on at this time. I've been stuck inside quite a bit lately in sick mode. It's been lovely. And, as funny as that sounds, I have come to the realization that when I am sick, I tend to do certain things, like, I have a certain way to go about being sick or something. But, I'm telling you, that's what happens. I turn into my grandmother. I make batches of homemade soup, eat more naturally, double up on my vitamins, take naps, sit quietly. Its weird. But, it still happens. In fact, I can give you the the complete recipe for a sick day if you'd like it.

A large bowl of clementines
An extra large pot of 1} Cream of Potato Soup, and 2} Chicken Noodle Soup
A really good book or two
Lots of different flavors of tea
A new 1000 piece puzzle
Tons of water
Cozy blankets and fluffy pillows
Netflix {for tv show marathons}
Bentley {lots of snuggle time with the dog}
Laptop {for all sorts of interesting things}
Journal, pens, pencils, paints, paper and glue

That is what a sick day looks like at my house. It's really not all bad. It's very restful. Peaceful. And after, I really do feel re-charged. It's just that, sometimes I feel like I have a million other things that I really ought to be doing. People who want me to do things with them, and I say no an awful lot lately. All because I would rather have down time. Maybe, sick time is exactly what it is that I want. And, if that's the case, Achooooo! I'm all for it!!!

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