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:: What was that thought again? ::

Would you believe it? Right in the middle of the most hectic day ever, I managed to find like 5 minutes of peace and quiet, and then, I had a moment of profound understanding about life... when I ate a piece of chocolate. All of a sudden my peace and quiet was over and I suddenly became completely distracted by the chaos that was all around me. I didn't even get a chance to write down what I had been thinking about. Nothing at all. So, I wonder, does that mean my idea is lost forever? I mean, I feel myself living more meaningfully, with more intention and more love, so I know it’s not lost completely, but still.  When I try to remember, not any of the bits and pieces will come out.  It seems that the idea has dissipated itself in to the nooks and crannies of my brain and has become a part of me.  How, then am I supposed to find these moments of remembrance?  They are no longer aha moments, but a part of who I am, and, I can’t sit and write about who I am; that’s too big.  So I don’t write anything. At all. Whatsoever. Maybe if I eat the chocolate after I write?  Maybe if I take a journal into the locked bathroom and steal a moment I could write a sentence or two…That would be a start.  I wonder what I would gain?  {I’ll try it, dear reader.  But don’t tell my co-workers; they will thwart all my good plans.  Especially if they find the chocolate.}

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