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When it comes to traveling, what is it that people like to do most? Upon completing a map of the states that I have visited, I find it disturbing. Look at all the places that I haven't been.  And, why? I look out to the west and wonder, why no farther than Colorado and Arizona? As a child, I went to Colorado many times, mostly to climb the mountains among other things. I had never been to Arizona until 5 years ago when my daughter lived there. That was the only reason for the trip at all. And, again, I wonder...why? I would love to see the Grand Canyon I think. I would love to visit Yellowstone National park and all the national parks located withing these white areas. I have always wanted to visit Oregon and Washington State because they look so beautiful and the people seem more like me... artistic and eclectic. Does that make sense at all? Here in the Midwest, it has always been sort of a no-no to be a little weird. I mean, you must call it "Arts and crafts" and not act like it takes up too much time out of your "normal" life. I find this to be so sad. I am surrounded by people, who seriously have no imagination for fun and art - and really don't care to either. There are a few of us here and there, but that's it. I think that looking at the map, I can understand why it looks the way that it does. I take lots of day and weekend trips so I don't travel too far. We haven't taken a real vacation in years... why, I don't know. We work. We work hard. Then, we come home and live life and we settle for that. I don't think Americans in general take enough vacation time for themselves. I don't know why this happened, but, it did. Too afraid to be gone to long from our job because no one else can do it as well, and things will completely disintegrate if we ourselves are not there to man the post so to speak. Wow. Time to plan a trip. A long trip. A trip where I take a couple of weeks,  hop in my SUV and see those other western states a little at a time. Just the planning of it sounds like a lot of fun. It's a start. Then, to the east. Then, Alaska and even Hawaii. Next? The whole world I guess.

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