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:: About today ::

Things I did today:

  • made a menu and went grocery shopping before the snow got too bad. just made it.
  • laundry. slowly. Painfully slowly. I have one load left in the dryer. I must go get it, fold it and put it away.
  • cleaned a billion gross dishes. and because I baked several things today, the mess just kept growing. 
  • hung a new wreath on the front door, more for winter, less Christmasy. Is that a word even? whatever.
  • took out the trash-sort of. It's by the back door awaiting a trip to the garage where the garbage can is.
  • didn't talk to anyone all day. turned my phone off last night. it has been blissfully peaceful.
  • paid a couple of bills online per usual.
  • fertilized all the plants, even though they are all dropping leaves like crazy lately.
  • whipped up some french onion soup today. even though it takes hours, it's always well worth it.
  • tossed a delicious leafy green salad with the most delicious poppy-seed bacon dressing I made. 
  • baked up some breakfast muffins and some peanut butter and jelly granola bars 
  • drank afternoon tea
  • read for a few hours
  • shoveled the walkway between the house and the garage
  • perused some beautiful magazines
  • watched the first Harry Potter movie {it's the only one I've seen, and it's been years}
  • thinking of having a Harry Potter movie marathon this week.
  • played on the computer for a few hours.
  • now it's past my bedtime. and i'm falling asleep on my desk. this was a pretty good day.

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