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I have left behind the season of excess, and jumped straight into the hands of reason and restraint. Purge is the word around these parts, as we talk about little more than decluttering and trying to find ways to simplify our lives. We are being sincere. It is what we wish to do. It's just that it isn't always the easiest to do. Arguments over what to keep and what to pitch start up quickly. And I have a feeling that things are going to get very ugly, very soon. I found several of my older cookbooks in the trash can. The Mr. didn't feel we ever used them, so without even consulting me - he took it upon himself to go through my shelves of cookbooks and pitch the ones he felt were never used. Now, first, the Mr. has never used a cookbook in his whole life. Second, he has no idea what cookbooks I do or do not use. This equals a real problem, as in "What the Hell do you think you are doing"? You know, I could have slimmed that collection down really easily. There really are some cook books that I really could do without. But, only I know which ones those are. And, they are not the ones that were thrown away. I dug in the garbage and saved the ones I always use. I saved the one that came from my grandmother {that has her writing in it, her recipes} the one I use daily. I saved several more. Then, I pitched the ones I don't need. There were many more of them. The Mr. was surprised that I parted with so many. I was surprised to know that he would go through MY things and just throw away whatever he thought he could. Folks, that is called true disrespect right there. And, I am trying to decide How I should handle this one. It's big in my book. My great-great-grandmother wrote on the cover of that cookbook. You know what she wrote? This cookbook was a wedding present from her to my Grandma. It was my grandmas most precious possession. The cookbook she got from her own grandmother. There is good advice written in here and there, scattered throughout the book. But, on the inside cover, my great-great grandmother wrote: A good marriage needs only two things. Two. Friendship, and respect. Never lose either. And, quite frankly, I believe it. So now what? I could really use some help here. Thanks.

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