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:: I like being home ::

Home is my natural environment. I am at home in my home. I have lived in my home for well over twenty years and I can tell you that, yes, home is where you hang your hat, but also your coat, and pictures made by your children and your grandchildren. It's where I stack my books in a large library that I grew over a span of decades, and where I have a whole art studio to myself. It's where I make the beds everyday, cook dinner and wash dishes. It's where I plant my delicious garden and flowers... lots of flowers and hanging baskets in warm weather, I always keep lots of fresh flowers scattered throughout the house whenever possible, and I have a nice kitchen window to view the neighborhood and have arguments and stuff. These are the things that family roots are made of. They grow very slowly for a long period of time, then expand with age, and then settle deep within you. Before you know it, no matter where you roam, when you come to my house... you are indeed home.

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