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:: I'm thinking Colors ::

Yesterday, it was cold, dark, wet... basically, completely miserable with a little bit of high wind thrown into this wintery mix, which in turn makes everywhere you look completely depressing. So, today, I am thinking about COLOR. Who wouldn't? I polished my nails a fabulous coral type color and I'm wearing straight black, which makes the color pop out even more! I love color, as many might have guessed! But, I also have a huge love of neutrals as well. I have my favorite colors, you know, the ones that instantly draw you to them like a strong magnet in a shop. 

I love PINK, palest, soft, blush, shell, peachy, sheer, delicateI love BLUE, duck egg, palest, chalk, sea.I love GREEN, olive, minty, spring. {I look good in greens}I love TURQUOISE, vibrant, paleI love ORANGE, and dark corals, surprisingly, they look good on me! 

And even though they are technically technically not colors, I wear a lot of shades of grays and blacks, then add little splashes of color with scarves and such. So, right now, what I am looking for is ways to incorporate a little more color into my home. which colors? Where? Well, perhaps it's time to go thrifting to see what I can find. Which is always an exciting adventure in itself! I'll keep you posted on what I find. So, tell me... what do you do to add some color into your daily life?

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