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:: It starts again ::

I simply treasure these lovely, lazy moments with you. Currently, the coffee is good, the light that is streaming in the windows in heartening, and lazing around without deadlines and schedules makes our life feel magical in it's simple everydayness. Thank you so much for being here with me. Check out some things I am enjoying right now... 

Even if you weren’t ready to start a new project on Jan 1, it’s not too late to add a creative habit to your daily routine. Look at these...

Susan Keller’s video project “1 Second Every Day” for a year
From iloveitall comes a tutorial on keeping a gratitude journal.

Everything is yours/everything is not yours. Read this. about a refugee. A strong girl.

Feeling bored? try the nostalgia machine really!

Found the perfect t-shirt for my birthday! what do you think?

I found this Quite Time Journal  on Amazon and just realized it's created by a blogger! Her name is Darlene Schacht. Isn't that fabulous! I'm ordering mine right away. And one for a friend. Looks lovely!

Well that's enough for now, I'm working on some cute valentine finds next... 

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