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10 Things that Make me Happy:

  •  My family - they never cease to crack me up that's for sure!
  •  My Music - I am always listening to music -and creating perfect playlists
  •  My Friends - You guys rock & I love you! Mary,  drive more carefully, ok?
  •  Blogging - I love getting to know other people it's sure been lots of fun!
  •  Movie/TV Marathons - I am in the middle of watching "Fringe" it's a great sci-fi show!
  •  Concerts - There's nothing better than live music especially with a great Band & great friends!
  •  My iPhone - I don't know what I would do without you! And the apps I constantly use.
  •  Taking Pictures - This is a no brainer, but I love capturing every moment I can on camera.
  •  Margarita's with the Girls - Nothing is better than a good drink with great girlfriends!
  •  St Patty's Day - One of my FAVORITE Holiday's of the year! Corned beef and cabbage, 
  • an excellent parade, and of course lots of beads!

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