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:: Not well, not well at all ::

Yours truly,, Orange Juice!

I wasn't feeling very well. At all. My throat was really sore for a couple of days. And my head hurt. And, I was so overwhelmingly tired that it wasn't funny. I bet I didn't stay awake much more than an hour at a time on Saturday. And Sunday was not much better at all. But now, I am resurfacing to say...that I now appear to be virus free! The little hoards have left the building! Well, actually, I doubt that, they have just found someone else to make suffer for a few days, and a few weeks down the road, I will probably be seeing them again as we just keep passing these virus's to each other over and over again. It's been such a busy week, fun but exhausting. I am grateful for this, so I'm trying to summon the energy to compose this blog because when I get home and settled in, I've eaten my dinner, taken my bath, slathered on delicious lotion, and then downed some Nyquil - I know that I am not long for this world... LOL. That Nyquil always does the trick doesn't it? It is amazing stuff. You simply swallow a cap-full at night, it knocks you out till morning, and you wake up well again! What is in that stuff anyway?

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