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Recently, I have been:

Trying to find a sliver of time to write here.
Cleaning and purging the house from top to bottom like the Pope's coming for tea. He isn't, but you never know.
Happily consuming bags of Cutie clementines and those large, sweet, seedless globe grapes.
Watching HGTV and wishing I could hire this designer to revamp my whole house. 
Making two dozen deviled eggs for a neighborhood party.
Keeping up with my 365  projects. They keep me pretty busy. But, it will be worth it in the end.
Considering starting a postcard collection. This site, and this site have lots of information about postcards.
Experimenting with my camera. Taking stills and trying to photograph bubbles... don't ask!
Cursing at the ice cube trays at work. Why is it so hard to get the cubes out of the trays? I'm serious. I think I'm missing something. At home, they just come right out of the dispenser on my freezer, but here, I must deal with these darned trays. There has to be some special trick or something. It's really become quite the problem, and I am a girl who always needs a good supply of ice on hand.
Driving all over the place, but not getting anything accomplished. Not a good thing. Ever.
Helping a friend decide if she should move. Ten hours away from here. Sigh. Of course I am encouraging her to go. For all the right reasons it would be perfect for her. Just lousy for me. But, hey, gives me a good excuse for a road trip right?!!!
Thinking I'm going to use my Pizza coupon tonight and have everything MY way. Yeah, that's the ticket.
So, what the heck have you been up to?

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