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Where to begin? It can be so tiring, the everydayness of getting up, getting ready, going to work, etc, etc; but, that does not mean that you can just let yourself go either. Quit caring about how you look? But, yes, that is what happens to many people, and it's very easy to slip into this mode too. So, to kind of prevent this from happening, I'm taking a look at some style goals for myself which are;

  • Wear my jewelry
  • mix up my clothes and lengths
  • Do something easy with my hair

Sounds simple right?  Well, first of all, I have a wonderful collection of jewelry that has been both gifted to me, and items I have collected over the years. My family and friends have superb taste and know exactly what I like, but I rarely wear any of it. I always seem to be saving it for special times because I've always been a little afraid of breaking or losing anything. Not anymore. I want to be able to look down at my hands on the keyboard and smile over the memories that flood my mind when I see a certain ring, or hear a jangle of bracelets at my wrist and remember where and when each little charm was given. 

I am, if nothing else, always a creature of habit. Just ask anyone who spends a little time with me. I like routine and familiarity, patterns and predictability. But then, I also like to be unpredictable as well. I should wear more skirts. I have lots of them, and pair them with t-shirts and sweaters- just some different things, not of the normal.

My hair... where to start. A long time bane of my childhood, full of kinks and curls, snarls and knots. Really, my teenage years weren't much better, but with the coming of the blow dryer I was able to at last straighten that birds nest on my head. I need to let it go. Accept the kinks and curls. work with them not against them. Find a cut that allows for this and just let it go. Easy care. No more spending an hour on straightening it.

Well those are my style goals. Do you have any in particular for yourself? Well, wish me luck!

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