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:: Things I love Thursday #5 ::

 So for my Things I love Thursday, they are as follows;

1. My huge package of new copic markers, and some
new distress markers as well, I now have quite the collection. 

2. My collection of gift cards that I received over the
holidays. Its always hard to decide which to use first.

3. Texting with friends. Lately it has been getting a little out of hand, but, sometimes those sweet words of encouragement is just what you really need just to get you through the rest of the day.   

4. Definitely, doggie cuddles and tons of 
belly rubs. When I'm down, so my little
pal. We go down, and get up together.  

5. My new music. Downloaded, transferred into itunes, and already on my ipod and iphone for my listening pleasure.   

Bonus: I finally went to Noodles and Company. If you
really like noodle dishes, I would think you'd really like
this, but as for me... well, my own cooking is just too much better.

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