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:: The year in review... sort of ::

I was thinking about setting up a sort of year in review of pictures from all of 2015, like choose 1 picture to represent each month. Not so easy just trying to choose just one picture. In fact, for me, it seems impossible. I tried to do it fast, you know, not think about it a whole lot, but, I only reached May. I became mesmerized by the light, fascinated by the blooms appearing on all the trees, flowers popping up all over the place, out door markets opening up, blue skies and fluffy white clouds, spring showers and rainbows, bicycles and parks. I feel in a way refreshed. I know it is coming, the pictures remind me of the wonders that springtime always brings. After looking through all the photos, I had underestimated quite a lot of things. Like how much I did. All the walking, hiking, swimming, bicycling, driving, flying, how much I enjoyed each season one at a time as they came... all captured with my camera. I love them all. Instead, I'm going to put them in a book I can open whenever I choose. I will title it simply 2015. It will make for a great coffee table book, don't you think?   

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